Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Need to know your Blog's rating?

The last confirmed Google PR update was last April 2, 2010. And recently, Alexa also had problems with their site rankings, but thankfully that was fixed within a 10-day time. So, when is the next Google PR update happening? There were rumors that it happened last June, but what actually happened was minor cache glitch where some sites that had PR# went to PR0 and then later on came back to the original Google PR.

As I was surfing other blogs and sites, there were rumors that the next Google PR will be this mid-September. Again, these are only rumors. But, I, and probably all of us hope that it really will update on that said date.

Several weeks ago, when the Alexa rankings went crashing down, I tried to search for a site that gives an pretty accurate summary on your
site's info.  I was only looking for a site where it could provide me with my site's current Alexa ranking. What I found out was a double whammy. The site not only provides your site's Alexa rank but also your Google PR, Blog grade, site translation, twitter grade and many more.

And your probably shouting, "So, what on earth is that site?!"

It's WebsiteGrader. It's an online tool provided by Hubspot. It was just an accidental find, but it was all worth it. You don't need to register. All you need to do is type in your site's link URL and hit the magic button.

Here's how it works:

1. Go to websitegrader.com.

2. No need to register, just fill out the forms. Put your URL on the "Website URL" box. You can optionally add another site to compare your site's stats with on the "Competing Websites" box. There's another option as well if you would like to receive the report in your email in the "Your E-mail" box.

3. Once done in filling up the forms, click on the "Generate Report" button.

4. After clicking on the button, a pop-up loader should appear. Loading time should take a minute or so, depending on your internet connection.

5. Once done, it will display the report for the site queries you have included. It will display information from overall site ranking, blog ranking, site optimization, moz rank, site promotion, conversion and site analyzation.

6. On the bottom part of the page, you'll be able to find a report summary containing information with regard to your site's website grade, Moz Rank, Google Indexed Pages, Traffic Rank, Blog Grade, Inbound links, and delicious bookmarks.

Website Grade
This is the ranking of your site over the number of sites evaluated by websitegrader. The grade depends on different variables such as approximate traffic and site performance.

Moz Rank
This is your site's global link authority or popularity. And is very similar in purpose to the measures of link importance used by the search engines like Google's PR.

Google Indexed Pages
These are the number of pages in your sites which was already indexed in Google cache. Basically, the more indexed pages you have in Google, the better.

Traffic Rank
This defines your current Alexa ranking. Find out more about Alexa ranking in my previous blog post.

Blog Grade
Your site's Blog Grade is based on a measurement of the traffic levels to your blog and the number and quality of links pointing at it.

Inbound Links
This is one of the most important aspects that your site must contain. Inbound link are links referring to your site from other sites. The more inbound links you have, the better. This also means that your site is trustworthy and has good and unique content.

Del.icio.us Bookmarks
As most of us already know, it's a social bookmarking site. The more users bookmark you with the delicious, the more traffic it attracts. 

7. On the bottom of the page, you have the option to continue and try a free and live optimization of your site. Just click the "Submit your site" button at the bottom right after the results summary report.

8. If you click the "Submit your Site" button, you will be led to this next page: There are a number if options  you can choose on how to develop your site.

9. If you choose to proceed with the thirds step, which is again simply filling up a form. It's for an online reservation for a site optimization voice meet-up.

And your done! If you have other sites that you would like to suggest, just shoot me a comment or post a question.
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