Saturday, July 31, 2010

EN2010 - Guiness attempt


A new Guinness world record attempt for the most number of languages sung for a song. The song was "Amazing Grace" by John Newton. The song with a message that forgiveness and redemption are possible regardless of the sins people commit and that the soul can be delivered from despair through the mercy of God, "Amazing Grace"

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Page Ranks


There are generally two types of page ranking(PR), Google PR and Alexa PR. What are they so important? Why you ask? This how advertisers look for sites to advertise. The higher your Google PR, the better your Alexa PR, the more advertisement you receive for your site and the more expensive they are. In short, these major factors decide what your site's revenue will be.

Google Page Rank

Google defines it as:

PageRank reflects our view of the importance of web pages by considering more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Pages that we believe are important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time - tik tok tik tok


We have 86400 pieces of it. It is being used this very moment. Once it has been used, it can never be re used again. There's no undo button. It is considered as the most important non-material thing we people have. A second is scientifically defined as the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium 133 atom. Wow.

Why do you think man has created a universal standard on the definition of time? Simply put, as individuals, we have different perspectives on time, depending on the situation. Let me sight an example, when we sleep, it seems that time just flies by. On the other hand, when we are bored in class, the remaining 10 minutes seems like an

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bullies - blessings in disguise


The lot of us had our own experiences with bullies. Big, frightening, intimidating, unreasonable, obnoxious, and yes, we hated them. But did we realize that they are blessings in diguise? Nuts? Nope, I'm serious. I knew a close friend of mine who was bullied all his elementary and highschool life. At his senior years, he was all used to it, he was even able to retaliate against a bully in their class.

When he finished his college degree and started working in a big company, he encountered a familiar group of people. Bullies. Even with their age and profession, bullies were still present. Although they are not the same on how they would ploy

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to - Twit/Fb blog badges


Hi there both readers and bloggers! Ever wondered how bloggers created their Twitter and Facebook badges?

Today, I'll show you an easy way how to out 'follower' badges for your own blog. The steps about to provided will be for users. So, here it is:

1. Login to your Blogger account.
2. Proceed to the 'Design' tab
3. Then, click on the 'Edit HTML' sub-tab.

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Talent - Born or Made?


Talent. Some say we have it right after our conception in mother's womb,  waiting to e awakened upon our birth. Others believe that people can learn any talent as long as they strive and work to obtain it.

In a scientific sense, scientists and geneticists research that the one responsible for talent are our genetic donors, in short, our parents. Naturally by design, genes are passed to us from our parents. And those are said to include talents from both of them. Talents are not the one only to be transferred, this includes basic facial structure, eye color, hair color, gender and many others. This is

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Urgency. It's an everyday thing. We just don't notice it that much. Let's first define urgency. According to wikipedia: 

an urgent situation calling for prompt action;
Sometimes we call it as ASAP(as soon as possible), for students like me during exams, we call it crams. And the most common is this very familiar phrase, "I'm going to be late!" Hmmm, I feel little grins from you guilty guys. Well, look who's talking!

Kidding aside, almost all of us have urgent stuff that we need to attend to. For example, deadline of all sorts: assignment deadlines, project deadlines, thesis deadlines, report deadlines, and what ever deadlines exist. Let's cite a real life example, which is happening this very moment. Our natural resources, it's not unlimited. It'll very SOON run out. That's inevitable. For the past couple of days, a city in the Philippines, Metro Manila has been experiencing a lot of water shortages. Who's to blame? Weather. Climate. El Nino.

Most of the time, we humans forget how to conserve, how to save and stop thinking about not just ourselves, but people around us

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Blame Game


Just this morning, I finished 3 of my prelim exams and missed one because of a scheduled conflict. No worries, I can still take the exam at another day(more time to review! yeah!). Although, there was one incident that keeps on pushing me and saying, "hey, post something about this!post something about this!" So, i lost against my unconscious mind and is now making an entry on what happened lately.

Here we go. As I was taking up an exam on a subject I'd rather not mention. Now, right after the papers were given to the class, most of them went haywire. They were shouting, "What?!! This was not discussed!!", "Where on earth did he got theses questions!!" Usually, the professor on our last meetings of every subject would provide a list for the scope of the exams. The truth is that the notes on what the scope of the exam were actually given. Here's what happened :

On the last day of the said subject, the professor provides the pointers on what the scope of the exam was. The class was noisy(as usual). When the professor was providing the notes, only those who listen could actually here the pointers. So, at the end of class, she

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Bad day - learn from it


Everybody had a bad day or is destined to have one. It's just a matter of when. I had my fair share as well. I could remember a really bummer back when I was working.

I was aiming to complete all the incentives for that particular month. Quality scores and attendance were all greens. For me to qualify and win the incentives for the month, I must garner an average score of 97%, have complete attendance of 20 working days and have no record for the said number of days. All that was remaining was my last day, a candidate for tardiness. I have never been late for work. NEVER. Well, as they say, "there's always a first for everything," and I had mine at the wrong time.

The last day of the month was pretty normal. Normal weather. All I had to do was wake up. I did wake up, in a bad way. By some unknown reason, my tummy feels like it upside town. Just before I could reach the sink, I throw up. I head back to sleep but it takes me about an hour before

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oxis - Oxidative Stress Technology


Most of the time, we forget how to properly take care of your bodies. Everyday work, deadline rushes, exam crams and many more. All of these contribute to the  overall stress and weakening of our bodies.

OXIS International is paving the way to advance the the standard in therapeutic nutraceutical products, cosmeceutical products, proprietary formulations and clinical products. One of their main concerns is how to prevent the increase of age-related disorders currently dominant and evidently increasing in the US today. These range from Brain health, Disease immunization, Detoxification and blood sugar regularization.

Anti-oxidants, like glutathione help a lot in how our body

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

digiknow that... section?


As I have mentioned in the About page,this blog's goal is to provide the readers with additional knowledge we usually disregard in our daily lives. In relation to that, I added a new section called the "digiknow that..." section. Which is

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Disappointment - the recovery


In my previous blog, we discussed how to not end up too disappointed if our plans didn't work.

The nearest and most simple example I could give you is how you could recover from being fired from a job you really worked for. Let's say you worked for that company for 30 years.
That's almost half of your life. You were fired not because you were at the bottom of the performance pile. You were 'let go' simply because, the company can't afford to pay for your services anymore, or they have upgraded and less manpower is needed to run the company, or simply put, the company is bankrupt. This scenario happens a lot during these hard times.

So, how to recover from such situations. The company you worked for would have probably prepared a 'package' for you where options are stated and suggested for you to take on how you could 'start over.' That's good, but sometimes your boss does not have the guts to fire you himself, so they will hire someone else to do job for them. Now, that

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Removing LAG in Facebook chat


Previously, I posted about the new Firefox 4 Beta 1. I also mentioned how sometimes we experience browser lags when he have multiple chat boxes open in Facebook.

For those who would rather wait until Firefox finalizes their release, and prefer to use their current Firefox browser, here's a simple trick how to 'unlag' your Firefox browser during those multiple Facebook chat sessions:

Step 1:
Open Firefox.

Step 2:
On the browser's address bar, type in "about:config" without the quotes.

Step 3:
A reminder appears, asking you to be very careful. And yes, this is serious stuff, so, just follow my steps. Click on the "I'll be careful, I promise!". Again, without the quotes.

Step 4:
A bunch of selections will appear. And most of them are gibberish settings we don't know. But, do not fear. We only need to adjust one.

Step 5:
In the filter search, type in: "jit.con". The remaining search result should be "javascript.options.jit.content". It's current value is "true".

Step 6:
Change the current value from "true" to "FALSE" by double clicking on the "javascript.options.jit.content" command.

Now you will be able to chat without the lag in Facebook. Enjoy!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Some of us are what Joker calls as "schemers", people who plan ahead checking now and then that their plans are on track and will be able to attain their target in the desired time. During family reunions in my younger years, i would receive cash gifts from every aunt, uncle, and grand parents. During those years, I would be planning ahead on buying toy or a game right after our family reunion. So, for those short span of years, I'm content with my life(or so I thought). As the years passed, and I grew older(just like everybody does), those gifts disappeared one by one, slowly but surely. During those times, disappointment crept in. The feeling of an empty pocket after a reunion was devastating for a kid like me. As an elementary kid, it felt like the world was being unfair to me.

Enter highschool. Well, guess what? This little fool didn't learn. I still planned ahead of everything. At my young age, I was already making a plan of how my whole life ahead of me would run. I was on my sophomore years(about the age of 13), If all went well, I'll be graduating a 4-yr degree course with the young age of 19 and have hopefully landed a job before I turn 20. Nice plan eh? Unfortunately, none of it, ever happened. I'm already 21 and is still in college. So, what went wrong?

As I look back to the events that happened, I realized that, everything happens with a purpose. This purpose is there, it's just that we don't realize it yet. How could I say these things? As I was a kid, there are a lot of things that I did not understand, or should I say, declined to understand. As I grew both in age, maturity and experience in life. I found out how basic those principles were, and seeing my younger classmates today, they seem to be unable to comprehend, yet. But they sure will.

Now, back to the subject. Why do we have have to face disappointments?Is it a necessity? Or is it a lesson that everybody needs to learn? Many of us find the answer to this question the hard way. There was a quote in an anime series I watched. It says,
"Your arrogance leads to despair."

Now, why arrogance? We people try to always plan ahead, thinking that everything will go according to the plan. What we do not realize is that there so many things that could go wrong. So many things that may affect our plan: finance, events in our life, relationships, change of location, stability of the nation and many more. The list can go on and on.

If we love to plan ahead, we should also learn how to have a plan B. A backup a plan. Or should we rather call it a reaction, a defense mechanism. When we fall back to square one. A time when we have to start from scratch. Some call this preparedness, adaptation. We should learn how to adapt to scenarios depending on what life throws to us. In the end, it boils down to one question, are you prepared?

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Firefox 4 - crashing no more?


Finally! A beta for Firefox 4! Are you one of those who experience crashes lately? If yes, welcome to the club. If not, still read on! I might be able to make you change your mind about your current browser.

Last Tuesday, Mozilla announced their first beta for Firefox 4 and its ready for downloading and testing! Clicky.

The beta has several new features, including privacy and speed enhancements.

They said that the new features include privacy and speed enhancements. Finally! I remember whenever I used facebook chat, my Firefox lags, there were even certain occasions when the browser stopped responding and closed. It was just until recently that i was able to fix this properly through the application configurations by promising to "be very very careful".

In two to three weeks time, Mozilla plans to unravel a new beta version and other beta versions weeks later in accordance to the beta testers' feed backs.

The Firefox 4 Beta 1 added a new add-on manager which supports Google's WebM format and fixes some flaws in certain web standards that could expose users' browser history like some old browsers did.

Mozilla has moved the tabs to the top, changing the browser's look. The beta replaces the Menu bar on Windows 7 and Windows Vista PCs with a single Firefox button. These changes will soon be incorporated to the browser's Linux and Mac versions as well.

The crash protections(released first in Firefox 3.6.4) some of us know, is also included in Firefox 4's first beta. This protection allows the users to resume browsing by just refreshing the page after a plug-in crashes or freezes. Start up and page load responsiveness has also improved in the beta version.

Here are some of the other features added to the new version:
- Jetpack SDK (software development kit)
- websockets
- support for the new CSS3
- and many more (check the Mozilla website for more details)

In the future, Mozilla will speed up the browser through the use of various technologies such as hardware graphics acceleration and more asynchronous input/output.

Firefox 4 will include a feature that will let users synchronize their settings, passwords, bookmarks, history, open tabs and other customizations across multiple devices.

Firefox has been crashing a lot lately, and it would really be nice if they could finish the beta's and create a new release right away. But, all that takes time, so, until then, we'll have to be contented with our betas.

Most of today's teenager generation revolves around the internet, social networks online games, online virtual communities and what nots. The important thing is, can the browsers keep up with the users and the technology required to fuel our hunger? Whether they like it or not, they'll have to, otherwise someone else will.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Many critics say that the previous election has been a big leap for our country. It was our first ever automated elections. Many of the people believe that the the new process helped provided a truthful and accurate count of the votes. But some still believe that it was another workaround to fool the people.

On the other hand, I would say that even with the mishaps here and there, it was still an overall success. Many commentators as well mentioned that the automation process was a sign of change for our country. Coincidentally, the candidate who won the presidency advocated 'PAGBABAGO' or change. Great! But isn't this what everybody promises and longs for? Then what is change? What kind of change should we be searching for? And if we find it, will this satisfy our urge?

There is a saying, "that the only constant thing is change".

If we really think about it, change certainly is everywhere. From clothing, food, technology, fashion, policies, diplomacy, territories. Even our landscape, the world is in a constant battle with change. Did you know that even glass 'flows'? Glass? Yes, glass flows. Although it's very slow at the moment is measured by the thousands of an inch, it still flows(I'm not kidding, you can Google it if you want). It flows so slow that it would take thousands of years before the human eye could spot the difference. Technological advances in for the past half century has been astounding, some even say that it was an explosion of new ideas that the human race has even imagined.

So, now, we have proof that change is everywhere. If change is constant, then why are we still searching for change? Most of the time, we say that we want the world to change. Why do we need it to change? Can we force the world to change? Or should we initiate change from within us?

If we look back to our Socials classes and ask what is the basic unit of society, we get back to the family. My point is that if we want everything around us to change, shouldn't we start within the most basic? The family. Which includes us as individuals.

Now, most of the politicians advocate change, most of us as well. The real deal here is what kind of change are we supposed to long for? Are we just content that there is just a change from our normal cycle of everyday life? Shouldn't look for change for the betterment of not only of ourselves, our family and the community? Or we are just selfishly thinking about what changed would benefit ourselves?

A lot of people out there are blaming everybody else for their current situation, but have we even had tried thinking that our current situation is caused by the choices that we have made or not made? I can't quite remember who, but I could clearly remember what she said,
"Our life is the result of an accumulation of all the choices we made".
For me, that statement would be applicable only for those people who are capable of making a choice. For me, everybody(except from infants, people who are in a comma, people who were acutely mentally impaired since born, and others that we know of) can make a decision, a decision to change either for better or for worse.

We are the authors of the book of our lives, change is naturally within us. Our life alone is a long line of constant change. It's constant, it's inevitable. So what choice kind of change are we heading in to?

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Online Learning - Is it worth it?


What is online learning? According to TheWebWorks:
Learning which utilizes the Internet and in which both learner and teacher utilize various subsets of the Internet repertoire of teaching and learning tools.

The question is, is it worth the time, money and effort? I believe so. A slow but surely growing number of people who work, prefer studying online rather than physically going to school and work at the same time. Some of the friends I know have used online learning and online courses. And all of them have used these online degrees to gain a decent job.

There are different forms of online learning. They range from Distance Learning, Online Courses to Online Courses. Each providing the student with a different approach on how they would like to acquire the desired skills and knowledge. The courses offered range from short courses to master degrees, and even doctorates.

Now, I am not encouraging you to do online learning or stick to normal schooling. I'm simply providing you with an alternative, a choice on how you would like to pursue your studies. The choice is up to you. What's important is whatever the method you choose on how you'll pursue your studies, you should strive to be on the top.

Acquiring a job does not actually depend on what you school you studied or what course you took. It really depends on how well you performed in your studies. It's your future, it's your choice. Make the right one.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Are you stressed? Or feeling down because of school work, job, an errand, an exam, an evaluation or your really just depressed? We'll your not alone. There are millions upon millions of people around the world who go through the same feeling that you are experiencing or just finished experiencing. A simple solution that most of us don't know is just to eat a banana. Yes, the humble yellow banana.

According to an article(

A banana a day keeps the doctor away... and the dermatologist...and the psychologist... and if current research can be trusted... death. It seems there's almost no ailment that the banana can't help cure. The word "banan" is Arabic for finger.

The banana is unique among fruits. Rather than growing on trees, bananas come from the world's largest herb, Musa sapientium, which is directly related to the orchid family. They are believed to be the first fruit farmed by man. Available all year round, they are currently the most popular fruit in North America.

And one of the things that a banana cures is, yes, you guessed it, depression. Like turkey, bananas contain tryptophan, a protein that converts to the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin is instrumental in facilitating relaxation. Low levels of serotonin are believed to cause mood disorders including depression.

The banana also cures illnesses from anemia, constipation, high blood pressure, morning sickness and even hangover(just blend the banana with milk and honey!).

The Oxford English Dictionary recognizes the term "going bananas" as a comical series of actions associated with moneys picking bananas. But the only comical monkey in these days of modern science is a fool who doesn't eat bananas. So, what are you waiting for? Dig in!

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Then, what is blogging?


Before blogging, there were other ways for people to communicate online, such as chronicles, diaries, email lists, bulletin board systems, and more. When the Internet came about, users wanted a way to communicate with people all over the world. Before the Internet, many of us had pen pals to mail to every now and then. Today, we can have that with multiple people nearly anywhere.

Following the 1990s, the blog was born! The actual word, “blog”, comes from the term web log, which was eventually shortened to its new term.

In the beginning of blogs, they were mainly online diaries of people. Others could comment on the person’s blog, and therefore communicate. Now there are countless different kinds of blogs. They are still those who use it as a digital journal, but there are also corporate blogs, marketing blogs, topic-specific blogs, private blogs, and even blogs that are simply blog search engines!

There are so many possibilities with blogging. Using your imagination and creativity, there is no end!

A blog entry usually consists of a title, headline, body, post date, comments, tags, and more. One great thing about blogs is that they are almost always customizable. You can select your template (which determines how your blog looks, including its layout), which is usually provided by the blogging company you are using. You can also find other templates by searching on other sites, which I will discuss in a later article.

You can create a blog on whatever topic you like, use the template you want, and write in it when you want. Nearly all blogging sites offer registration for free. You can vent to the world, write about things that you care about, discuss your life…there is no limitation. Well, except for the terms and conditions you must agree to when you register! Blogging is fun, especially if you take joy in writing. It is a great stress reliever, and you can have it any way you want. If one blog isn’t good enough for you, create more! I currently write in four different blogs. It’s a lot of fun.

Blogging has reached new heights of popularity, with certain websites that look at the popularity of a blog through how many citations it has, or how the affiliation is has. There have even been a few lucky people who have blogged, and were contacted by publishers to write and publish a book!

The possibilities with blogging are quite endless.


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Hello world


The term 'Hello World' been widely used on my old days as the most basic sample for web documents from htmls, to php files. So, I'm using those two phrases today as an introduction to my new blog.

I have already known blogging for quite a while now. I was somehow interested in blogging in the past, but later on lost interest in it. But, things have changed and I have seen blogging as a way to vent out, inform people and just simply speak your mind. So, Hello World!

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