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Page Ranks

There are generally two types of page ranking(PR), Google PR and Alexa PR. What are they so important? Why you ask? This how advertisers look for sites to advertise. The higher your Google PR, the better your Alexa PR, the more advertisement you receive for your site and the more expensive they are. In short, these major factors decide what your site's revenue will be.

Google Page Rank

Google defines it as:

PageRank reflects our view of the importance of web pages by considering more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Pages that we believe are important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results.

PageRank also considers the importance of each page that casts a vote, as votes from some pages are considered to have greater value, thus giving the linked page greater value. We have always taken a pragmatic approach to help improve search quality and create useful products, and our technology uses the collective intelligence of the web to determine a page's importance.

In short, your site's Google PR is measured by it's relevance, imporance and mostly, relevant back links. The actual PR of a site is updated very frequently by Google. Although I can't say when or how frequent. Let me rephrase that, actually only a select few in Google knows when the updates happen.  Google uses a very complicated algorithm to compute a site's Google PR. The method of measurement is based on a 0-10/10 ranking.

Pages with 0/10 Google PR have been considered by their search engine as useful or relevant sites depeding on the category of the site in question. It make take for atleast 3-12 weeks before a sites PR is considered by Google's search engines. Now, what's the difference of a 'unranked' page is basically a new page and Google has not yet indexed it in their directories.

You can check a site's Google PR here: Google PR checker.

Alexa Traffic Ranking

The ranking is done with numbers as the website with the most traffic on the Internet (currently Yahoo) would have a traffic ranking of 1 and those with very little traffic would be in the millions.

Many believe that Alexa rankings are inaccurate, but in my opinion, if your site has an Alexa PR of 100,000 and lower, this means you sure have a lot of visitors and traffic. Alexa rates your site based on the number of visitors who have their toolbar( installed. That's the explanation why technology and marketing related sites have higher Alexa rankings since many of their audience are tech savvy so to speak. Alexa rankings are based on digits. 1 being the highest and it goes down to 30 million or so as lowest. For example, an Alexa rank for a new site would go to the range of 28 million or so. While a very famous site like Facebook would rank as 2.

You can go to Alexa and register your url for their indexing. It's also advised that you install their toolbar.

Recap. Though they may differ in the way they measure page rankings. They are the pioneers and leaders when in comes to determining how popular and useful your page is.

You could also view how you could increase your blog's visitors in one of my posts.

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JustSomeGirl 7/30/10, 11:13 PM
Oh my god I just love this blog!!! It's so informative, and fascinating, and fun to read! Whatever you do never stop blogging! XD

digiknowzone 7/31/10, 8:01 AM
Thanks! I'm happy to see that I'm somehow helpful to other people! Feel free to visit again!

TSKSOFT 7/31/10, 2:40 PM
A Good Info,Keep Going.
Have A Nice Day

TSKSOFT 7/31/10, 2:46 PM
Can You Give The Code For The Badge Alexa Which Had Been Added Now For Your Site.

digiknowzone 7/31/10, 4:27 PM
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digiknowzone 7/31/10, 4:30 PM
@TKSOFT: thanks for visiting! And oh, just go here: and follow the steps from my blog post here. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for following as well!

saikrishna 8/2/10, 1:19 AM
Please Give Me The Details About The Alexa Widget And Not For Twitter Or Facebook Which You Mentioned In The Above Comment Link..And You Also Miss The One Of The Link In The Above Comment.Please Correct It.

digiknowzone 8/2/10, 11:12 AM
@saikrishna: Here, I made a guide on how to do it, just go here: . Hope that clears up stuff!^^

Jack 8/4/10, 3:55 PM
Very good informations.

digiknowzone 8/4/10, 4:00 PM
@jack: Thanks! If you want to see more, just keep on visiting or subscribe so that we can keep you posted. You can subscribe here:

Anonymous 8/4/10, 7:48 PM
Hi It's my first time to view a blog. And yours is very factual as what you've said,and also full of information.If you have time can you please teach me on how to create a blog?Thanks and God Bless..

digiknowzone 8/5/10, 6:19 AM
@anonymous: Thanks! And about instructions on how to make a blog, I'll see to it that I post an article for it before my day ends, I'll just have to finish my school work then the article. See you around!^^

If you like, you cold subscribe by email so that you can receive notifications from new posts. That way, you'll always be kept posted.

Ms. Ileane 8/5/10, 7:19 AM
Hi there. If you are using Google Chrome you can install the SEO Site Tools extension. It will display the Google Page Rank on every site you navigate to and if you click the tool you can see Alexa rank, number of incoming links on Yahoo! and a lot of other information about your blog. This is good info that can help you focus on gaining authority for your blog. Hope this helps.

digiknowzone 8/5/10, 7:59 AM
@Ms Ileane: That's a ton of help! Thanks! I really appreciate it!

saikrishna 8/5/10, 2:04 PM
@digiknowzone: Try Using Google Analytics It Help You Track Your Bounce Rate And Other Related....!

digiknowzone 8/5/10, 3:47 PM
@saikrishna: Again, you always amuse me with your tips! Thanks! I'm already trying it now.^^

saikrishna 8/5/10, 4:48 PM
Keep Going...!
Have A Nice Day

saikrishna 8/5/10, 4:57 PM
And If You Like To Make A Twitter Board Just Like My Site..See This..It May Help You!!

And For Contact Button See This

Don't Hesitate To Ask Me If You Have Any Problem.. :)

digiknowzone 8/5/10, 6:05 PM
@anonymous: I just made a post on how to create a blog here:

@saikrishna: Thanks for the various help you are providing!^^ Have a nice day as well!

Anonymous 8/5/10, 9:11 PM
thanks a lot Mr.Mysterious.Your blog/site really is a digital knowledge zone.
thanks again n God Bless

Anonymous 8/5/10, 9:13 PM
ooppsss that last comment of mine was 4u digiknowzone

digiknowzone 8/5/10, 9:46 PM
@anonymous: whoever you may be, your very much welcome^^ God bless you as well.

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