Monday, July 19, 2010

Blame Game

Just this morning, I finished 3 of my prelim exams and missed one because of a scheduled conflict. No worries, I can still take the exam at another day(more time to review! yeah!). Although, there was one incident that keeps on pushing me and saying, "hey, post something about this!post something about this!" So, i lost against my unconscious mind and is now making an entry on what happened lately.

Here we go. As I was taking up an exam on a subject I'd rather not mention. Now, right after the papers were given to the class, most of them went haywire. They were shouting, "What?!! This was not discussed!!", "Where on earth did he got theses questions!!" Usually, the professor on our last meetings of every subject would provide a list for the scope of the exams. The truth is that the notes on what the scope of the exam were actually given. Here's what happened :

On the last day of the said subject, the professor provides the pointers on what the scope of the exam was. The class was noisy(as usual). When the professor was providing the notes, only those who listen could actually here the pointers. So, at the end of class, she
mentioned about the general scope and provided the title of the book to use to review. Most of the class were with their usually businesses. talking and talking and talking, loudly. They were also in a rush to get out of the class and go to where ever they will except from school. This is happening while the professor was providing the instructions, and the professor was almost close to shouting since she is being overpowered by other students. Only a handful of us were able to create copies for ourselves. Most were not able to have the book copied.

Back to the day of the exam. Most of them were furious, some were even cursing. And the students who were cursing were actually absent on the said class!

So, who really is to blame here? Is it the professor? Is it the school? Or are the students to be held responsible?

It's natural for people to point fingers or make up excuses. But should we go with the flow? Shouldn't we be responsible for the decision and actions we made? I had a friend who once said,

"I won't force you to make that decision, you make that decision. After you make whatever decision you made, take responsibility for it. So that in the future, you won't have any regrets and you won't be able to blame anybody else but yourself, it is after all, your life."

Makes sense right? As I've said before, choices we made will ultimately complete who we are to become. So, let's think about it, who should we blame? You? Me? Them? I think we both know that you know the right answer.

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