Digiknowzone is an online Blog or Web Log maintained by Gino. The goal of the blog is to provide it's readers with relevant and factual information from everyday life that most of us disregard. It also includes the author's commentaries on today's current trends and news.

The blog was named after the author, which prefers himself to be called as GINO in real life. The author first though of the blog title as "diginozone". It would spell out as "The Gino Zone", but later on scrapped the idea because of the possibility that people would read "diginozone" as "Digital No Zone". He though that it might also sound a bit selfish. And thus, the term "digiknowzone". It still has the goal in the name, plus the word "no" was replaced to "know", short for knowledge. He though that it would be nice way to impart knowledge he knew and spread it around not to only benefit him, but his readers as well.

Gino is currently a student taking up a degree in Information Technology. He is also working part time as a freelance web designer/developer.

Gino prefers to be mysterious and continues to decline his real identity. Nonetheless, feel free to discover and learn from the information shared in his blog.

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