Monday, November 7, 2011

Hey guy's(and gals)!  I have a reaaaally BIG favor to ask. Vote for the Philippines' ONLY entry for the New 7  Wonders of Nature entry, the Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR)!!!

So what is this New 7 Wonders of Nature? According to Wikipedia:
New7Wonders of Nature is an initiative started in 2007 to create a list of seven natural wonders chosen by people through a global poll. It is being led by Canadian-Swiss Bernard Weber and organized by the New7Wonders Foundation, a Swiss-based, government-controlled foundation. This campaign follows the New Seven Wonders of the World, which attracted 100 million votes from around the world.

Why am I so ecstatic about it? Because we only have 3 DAYS remaining before the voting closes! And best of it is that the PPUR is in the top 10!! (Click here to read the article) How awesome is that?!!

Well, you might be wondering if I have ever been there. The answer is YES. And to tell you the truth,

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Before the year ended, Globe announced the release of a new and stronger broadband companion from their already huge line of broadband products. The Globe Tattoo SuperStick. Aside from it's faster 3.0 Mbps surfing speed, you can also use the SuperStick as your personal router. Yes! A router!

Not only with it's wicked speed, but also, you can share this awesome experience you are having to your friends, at home, at school or at work. So how can you share this speed? The SuperStick itself is already a router capable of sharing your insane broadband speed to your friends, classmates and office mates, and even your boss(probably for a raise!). Just kidding!

If you have a desktop computer at home, a wired internet connection is good enough. But if your fond of netbooks and laptops or smartphones and tablets, a wireless router will best suite you just as how SuperStick does! There will be times when you will end up in a place where the only connection you have to the outside world is a cellphone signal, here's where SuperStick becomes reaaaally handy.With the SuperStick you can easily access the internet as long as there is a suitable cellphone signal, and where in the Philippines doesn't have a signal. In short, it's available almost everywhere!

As the New Year ushered in , I thought of a good resolution to use to improve myself.  So I thought of this, why not try to be more friendly and kind to other people. There have been numerous occasions when our school's internet connections failed. And a lot of students who needs their assignments and projects done can't do their tasks due to the fact that there is no internet connection. But if you had a SuperStick with you, just connect to the ultra fast broadband connection and SHARE. It's a win-win situation!

So what are you waiting for! Grab one now!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pulp it up!

I just drank a bottle of Minute Maid Pulpy. They say it’s got ‘no preservatives added’. Aw, c’mon…It’s bottled juice. Is that even possible? So I thought maybe... I should read the contents to check out the facts!

I didn’t believe it the first time I heard it’s got no preservatives added.  So I read the ingredients (even the fine print) and everything checked out! It really has NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED!  That means it doesn’t have ingredients that may turn out to be allergens, or worse...carcinogens!  Whew! Now that’s healthy goodness that tastes so good, I... think it's the best orange juice drink out there! No preseravatives plus the real pulpy goodness. What's more to ask right!

Another cool thing that I found this out from one of the nation's leading blogging and social media personality. None other than Janette Toral! Yipee!

So okay, it’s got no preservatives added. That’s really good, right?  Not just because it doesn’t have those icky, harmful ingredients, but it also means... that's it a good way to keep the body healthy, fit and illness free!

So far anyone who still has a hard time believing that Minute Maid has got no preservatives added - meaning it's THAT natural, it's almost like it's plucked straight from the tree, it's just as Mother Nature wanted your orange juice to be, it's got nothing but the good stuff yes, none of those potentially toxic stuff that can harm your brain, kidneys, heart; cause tumors aargh- the list of preservatives' bad effects just go on!!! Anyway, just to prove a point on just how good Minute Maid Pulpy is 'cause it's got NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED, I'm gonna make this a regular drink of mine! Swapping it from those harmfully sodas. And on to a better and healthier life!

Feels good to know about the real pulpy deal, right? C’mon show me a smile on the comment box, and you might win yourself a Really Pulpy Deal! (That’s a chance to win a Minute Maid gift pack simply by commenting. Sweet! C'mon you just might be picked as the lucky 'commentor'!)



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pay To Click sites. They have been around for quite some time now. And what are they? Their speaks for themselves. Simply put, you register on their site as a member. Click on the advertisements that you need to click at and earn some cash. Yes. Cash. I'm not kidding.

Although, I advise that you to be very very weary and wise. Why? Because there are tons of PTC sites out there that are just a load of rubbish.

So, how to we spot the legits from the fakes? The philosophy behind it is actually quite simple. If it's too good to be true, then it probably isn't.

Here are some of the

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

cyber crime security
The number of Internet users have exploded since Internet's public release way back in 1995. It's been fifteen years since then and the estimated amount of Internet users worldwide peaks up to 1.9 Billion people. Almost a third of the Earth's population. But there are very few who are armed with the knowledge on how to protect themselves from being victims of Cyber Crime.

So what does Cyber Crime mean? Cyber Crime are activities done using computers and the Internet. This includes anything from downloading illegal music files to stealing millions of dollars from online bank accounts. Cybercrime also includes non-monetary offenses, such as creating and distributing viruses on other computers or posting confidential business information on the Internet.

Here are some simple Do's and Don'ts to protect yourself from

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yep, you heard it right! Proactiv certainly works when it comes to remove zits and pimples! Proactiv acne and pimple fighting skin care solution provides you with a sure fire way to get rid of those annoying pimples and zits.

It works so well that a 16-years Canadian pop-R&B singer, who got discovered in YouTube and his debut single charted within the top 30 of over ten countries is endorsing it! If you haven't gotten it yet, here are more clues: His debut release in 2009 was certified platinum in the US. He is now considered a teen idol.

Oh come on, don't tell me you haven't guessed it yet. Okay, here's more clues that I'm sure you'll be able to pick up: "One time" and "Baby". Yes! Finally guessed it right! Justin Bieber! He's the newest endorser of Proactiv!

Follow Proactiv Solution Philippines on Facebook.

And they also have an awesome Proactiv Works! Facebook game. Here's how to play it:

1. While logged in to your Facebook account, go to this link:
2. Once the page has loaded, click on the 'Allow' button at the lower right of the Request Permission window.
3. If the game doesn't load immediately, you can just click on the 'Load Proactiv Game' link.
4. It'll just take a few moments for the game to load.
5. Once the page has loaded, Click on the 'I Accept' radio button. This allows you to play the actual game aside from a Practice mode. Also, by doing this, you accept to the game mechanics. I greatly suggest that you try the practice first.
6. Once you have flexed your mouse muscles, go ahead and play the actual game.
7. Click on the 'Game button'. And the mechanics of the game will appear. Here's how it works:
      Step 1: Click on the 'Play' button.
      Step 2: You can choose from any of the five beautiful faces and proceed with the game.
      Step 3: The scoring kind of works this way:
                      - Zits appear in the face and you have to click them as accurate and as fast as possible.
                      - You earn points when you successfully click on the zit, but when you miss, points will be              dedudcted.
                      - Click as many and as accurate as you could within 60-second alloted time.
                      - The good thing about it is that, there's no limit to how many games you could play!
                      - The highest scorer for the day will win a Proactiv kit! Now, how cool is that!

8. Enjoy the game and aim for the highest score!

This is the last day of the event, so hurry up and win that Proactiv Kit!

I could still clearly remember his commercial, "Wanna know why my fans talk about my hair and not my zits? Coz' I don't have zits. Wanna know why? Coz I'm Proactiv!"

So, what are you are waiting for?! Grab one!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

As I was about to submit my website as a school requirement, i thought, my photo gallery looks lame. So, the next few minutes, I searched through the net on how to create a very easy "easing photo gallery" just like the one here that looks like this:

I just figured that it would be fitting to share this since I acquired this knowledge for free, so shall I share it to you. Now let's get to it.

On this exercise, we will use your basic HTML coding knowledge plus a

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ever found something in your house or in your room that is still working and worth something but you simply don't need anymore? Got tired of seeing it at want to dispose of it? Hold your horses! That item may be worth something! 

Several years ago, I was surfing the net looking for a site where I could easily sell or buy stuff here in the Philippines. Then I stumbled on It somewhat like ebay but made very simple. Here are quick easy steps:

1. Go to
2. Choose the region where you want to search or post an item.
3. Then you can either browse or type in the search bar.

It's that simple! And oh, did I mention that you don't need to register for an account to post an ad? And it's FREE! Yep, you've read it right, it's absolutely free, no strings attached. Once you post your ad, it will be reviewed by the admins for approval, once approved, your ad will be posted for 60 days.

Several days ago, I found a particular item that I really wanted to buy there, although I don't have the cash yet to do so. It's a PlayStation 3. Here's a screen shot of it:

You can find items ranging from cellphones for sale to apartments for rent. I even saw some items like bracelets and curlers to houses and mansions. It doesn't matter what you want to sell or buy, whether it be an item or a service, you can showcase it on!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Philippines has seen the enormous boom in the Business Process Outsourcing industry for the past few years. For the year 2009 alone, profit in the industry has kicked to $7.5 billion.

I myself had experience in the BPO industry and I was able to somewhat see how the business grows. For our company alone, was able to extend 2 branches in as little as a year. This shows how many companies are in need of outsourcing services. The industry has put the Philippines as the 3rd largest BPO destination right after India and Canada.

Outsourcing to the Philippines has been a favorite for a lot of big companies like Microsoft, Symantec, McAfee, Paypal, and many more big names. Why? Because so far, these big companies find that the Outsourcing service provided in the Philippines are quite top notch.

On October 26-27, 2010, the International Outsourcing Summit will be held on Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Manila. The summit will feature address the core issues likely to determine the shape of the outsourcing our industry and its role as an integral partner in growing free-market economies.

For two days, executives of top global industry will debate the future of BPO as well as provide insights to the fast-emerging industry. Speakers range from BPO company CEOs to big names in the industry like Ernest Cu of Globe Telecoms and Jack Madrid of Yahoo! Philippines.

You can check out updated information for the event from their Search Profile Index as well as watch for updates and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last year, I was looking for a new phone, preferably a smart touch phone with wi-fi, hi-res camera, HD video, good battery life and has a good online support just in case I encountered problems. I heard of an iPhone 4 upcoming launch here in the Philippines. But I could no longer wait. So I bought a regular smart touch phone. Oh, regrets.

Yes, I know, it's such a shame that I couldn't wait right? So what did I miss with the iPhone 4? Here they are:

The Glass. Oh yes, the all so important glass which encases the Apple's breakthrough technology. They have confidently announced that they used the same type of glass which helicopters and high-speed trains use for their windshield. And with today's environmental trend, the glass is also recyclable. Way to go Apple!

They've also boasted that iPhone 4's LCD display has the highest resolution for a phone screen yet. It's so crisp that the naked human eye won't be able to distinguish individual pixels. Fortunately I have 20-20 vision, so, I just checked as hard as I could if I could distinguish my smart touch phone's individual pixels, and, fortunately, I was able to see the tiny little pixels. Letting me know that what iPhone 4's LCD screen presents is astounding.

Next, the Stainless Steel Band they have claimed to have been created from their own alloy (yes, and unbelievably, Apple makes their own alloys!). This is the secret to the phone's impressive structural rigidity while keeping in mind how thin the iPhone 4 is. And yes, there's more, it also functions as the phone's antennas.

The Brain. The iPhone 4 has an astounding A4 chip designed by Apple engineers themselves. Even with it's power, it's still energy efficient. It helps with the phones ability to perform multi-tasking, video editing and placing FaceTime calls. Talk about two birds with one stone! Wait, thats more than two birds!

And let's not forget how good iPhones are with games. And guess what, they made it even better! The iPhone 4 includes a built-in three-axis gyroscope. In short, it detects forward, sideward and upward motion as well as detect your acceleration! Now, how cool is that!

Two mics are better than one. Did you know that most phones have only one microphone? And you've guessed it! The iPhone 4 has two! The main mic which is for phone calls, voice commands and memos. The second mic on the other hand is built in the top, near the headphone jack. The purpose behind having a double microphone system is it helps surpress unwanted and
distracting bacground sounds, making every conversation a clear one.

The dynamic multi-touch. Most of the touch phones out there have what we call a "mono-touch". Which means that the phone has no software to comprehend or utilize multi touches at the same time on different locations. On the other hand, iPhone 4's multi-touch display is a very innovative software which allows you to control everything from pinch to zooms to two-finger taps.

Although only Globe has exclusive rights in the Philippines, so what? What I've seen here makes me quite envious. Wait, scratch that, not "quite" envious but VERY envious to anyone who have bought this beauty. And to mention that there are already a number of lucky users who have already availed of their very own iPhone 4!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab one! Don't let yourself regret not having one of these!
Minute Maid Pulpy Juice Drink!
Minute Maid Pulpy Juice Drink!