Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blogging and Social Networking

 Most people think that the big names in Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace are just for friendship and communication. It's way more than that.

Some of you might have noticed or might have not noticed that Social Networking sites play a big role in the promotion and commercialization of your blog or site. Reason behind it is:

 1.  Almost everyone who has a computer with an internet connection has either heard of it or is register to any of the social networking sites.

 2. It's a good way to grab readers. Here's an example:

When someone in Facebook happens to post a status like this: "My Facebook chat lags when I chat with multiple people. What's wrong with fb?" Well, if it so happens that you have an article that contains tips or tweeks on how
the user's problem can be solved, simply reply to the comment and say something like this: "Hey, I saw something on facebook chat lagging, it also says how you could fix it, heck it our here: Remove facebook chat lag. Let me know if it works for you."

An important thing to remember when you refer links from the social network sites to the targetted link, make sure that the link your providing answers their question and problems. This way, you can their trust. Otherwise, if you post floppy links, they'll still remember you, remember to not visit anything you say. It's a double edged sword, so be ready when an opportunity presents itself.

3.During the old days, you can have an SERP(Search Engine Results Page) with just simple SEO keywords. Well, that has surely change, spiders from search engines also love sites which are currently updated and has a live community.

Generally speaking, those are the basic benefits of social networking sites for your blog. These sites provide you with a ready amount of readers waiting to be pointed to the right blog.

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