Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Digital Ripple: Lets IMMAP!

Internet and Mobile Marketing SummitWhether you are into marketing, advertising, management, or even  blogging, you need consumers. Consumers are defined differently depending on your niche. In marketing, advertising and management, it's basically the consumers who help produce profit. On the other hand, in blogging, your primary consumers are your frequent readers. These readers generate your traffic, and if your content is good enough, they'll even refer and recommend your blog to other readers as well.

Learning how to let your readers advocate your product can be acquired by anyone, although I could say that it would be a difficult task. What you do is go to a school and learn it which would take tons of money and time. You then resort in hiring a tutor, that again costs you time and money.
What's best to do is consult the pro's.

The masters. Enter, Jeremiah Owyang, the famed web, content & social media strategist started with a simple rule, focus on customer strategy. Jeremiah Owyang is a Partner focused on customer strategy at Altimeter Group and author of the popular blog Web Strategy, which focuses on how corporations connect with their customers using web technologies. According to Technorati, the Web Strategy blog is in the top 1% of all blogs, and has over 40,000 subscribed readers. Hailing from enterprise web management, a former Industry Analyst, Jeremiah consults and speaks on the topics of disruptive technologies for brand related customer strategies.
Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit
Jeremiah Owyang is only one among the numerous world-renowned names in marketing and online advertising speakers involved in the The Digital Ripple: 4th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit which was made possible by IMMAP. Also one of the exhibitors for the event is Search Profile Index run by the 4th Media Internet Technology Corporation.

The summit focuses on digital ripples. It's is what any successful digital campaign could be. It is ‘viral’, ‘long-tail’, and a ‘breakthrough’. It is any campaign that spreads beyond your primary target market to become a part of pop culture. It's like the latest buzz on steroids. It not only motivates your consumers to buy products but also pushes others to do the same. The summit will discuss various topics that will help improve your marketing potential, you can also follow them in Facebook to access the most latest updates with regard to the event.

In the Philippines, where the online market is booming and still continues to grow, it's equally important that marketers, advertisers as well as bloggers to understand and develop how we can improve our influence in this consumer driven society. This not only includes the Internet but as well as mobile devices too.

What are you waiting for? Join and learn from the masters. See you there!

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