Thursday, July 8, 2010

Many critics say that the previous election has been a big leap for our country. It was our first ever automated elections. Many of the people believe that the the new process helped provided a truthful and accurate count of the votes. But some still believe that it was another workaround to fool the people.

On the other hand, I would say that even with the mishaps here and there, it was still an overall success. Many commentators as well mentioned that the automation process was a sign of change for our country. Coincidentally, the candidate who won the presidency advocated 'PAGBABAGO' or change. Great! But isn't this what everybody promises and longs for? Then what is change? What kind of change should we be searching for? And if we find it, will this satisfy our urge?

There is a saying, "that the only constant thing is change".

If we really think about it, change certainly is everywhere. From clothing, food, technology, fashion, policies, diplomacy, territories. Even our landscape, the world is in a constant battle with change. Did you know that even glass 'flows'? Glass? Yes, glass flows. Although it's very slow at the moment is measured by the thousands of an inch, it still flows(I'm not kidding, you can Google it if you want). It flows so slow that it would take thousands of years before the human eye could spot the difference. Technological advances in for the past half century has been astounding, some even say that it was an explosion of new ideas that the human race has even imagined.

So, now, we have proof that change is everywhere. If change is constant, then why are we still searching for change? Most of the time, we say that we want the world to change. Why do we need it to change? Can we force the world to change? Or should we initiate change from within us?

If we look back to our Socials classes and ask what is the basic unit of society, we get back to the family. My point is that if we want everything around us to change, shouldn't we start within the most basic? The family. Which includes us as individuals.

Now, most of the politicians advocate change, most of us as well. The real deal here is what kind of change are we supposed to long for? Are we just content that there is just a change from our normal cycle of everyday life? Shouldn't look for change for the betterment of not only of ourselves, our family and the community? Or we are just selfishly thinking about what changed would benefit ourselves?

A lot of people out there are blaming everybody else for their current situation, but have we even had tried thinking that our current situation is caused by the choices that we have made or not made? I can't quite remember who, but I could clearly remember what she said,
"Our life is the result of an accumulation of all the choices we made".
For me, that statement would be applicable only for those people who are capable of making a choice. For me, everybody(except from infants, people who are in a comma, people who were acutely mentally impaired since born, and others that we know of) can make a decision, a decision to change either for better or for worse.

We are the authors of the book of our lives, change is naturally within us. Our life alone is a long line of constant change. It's constant, it's inevitable. So what choice kind of change are we heading in to?

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beanfox28 7/8/10, 9:47 PM
o tapos? ano ng mnagyayari after this? hihihi.

sige - mg- CHANGE na ako si rin.. ^_~

Anonymous 7/8/10, 9:58 PM
nice! It's eye opening in a lot of perspectives. Like it!

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