Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yep, you heard it right! Proactiv certainly works when it comes to remove zits and pimples! Proactiv acne and pimple fighting skin care solution provides you with a sure fire way to get rid of those annoying pimples and zits.

It works so well that a 16-years Canadian pop-R&B singer, who got discovered in YouTube and his debut single charted within the top 30 of over ten countries is endorsing it! If you haven't gotten it yet, here are more clues: His debut release in 2009 was certified platinum in the US. He is now considered a teen idol.

Oh come on, don't tell me you haven't guessed it yet. Okay, here's more clues that I'm sure you'll be able to pick up: "One time" and "Baby". Yes! Finally guessed it right! Justin Bieber! He's the newest endorser of Proactiv!

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And they also have an awesome Proactiv Works! Facebook game. Here's how to play it:

1. While logged in to your Facebook account, go to this link:
2. Once the page has loaded, click on the 'Allow' button at the lower right of the Request Permission window.
3. If the game doesn't load immediately, you can just click on the 'Load Proactiv Game' link.
4. It'll just take a few moments for the game to load.
5. Once the page has loaded, Click on the 'I Accept' radio button. This allows you to play the actual game aside from a Practice mode. Also, by doing this, you accept to the game mechanics. I greatly suggest that you try the practice first.
6. Once you have flexed your mouse muscles, go ahead and play the actual game.
7. Click on the 'Game button'. And the mechanics of the game will appear. Here's how it works:
      Step 1: Click on the 'Play' button.
      Step 2: You can choose from any of the five beautiful faces and proceed with the game.
      Step 3: The scoring kind of works this way:
                      - Zits appear in the face and you have to click them as accurate and as fast as possible.
                      - You earn points when you successfully click on the zit, but when you miss, points will be              dedudcted.
                      - Click as many and as accurate as you could within 60-second alloted time.
                      - The good thing about it is that, there's no limit to how many games you could play!
                      - The highest scorer for the day will win a Proactiv kit! Now, how cool is that!

8. Enjoy the game and aim for the highest score!

This is the last day of the event, so hurry up and win that Proactiv Kit!

I could still clearly remember his commercial, "Wanna know why my fans talk about my hair and not my zits? Coz' I don't have zits. Wanna know why? Coz I'm Proactiv!"

So, what are you are waiting for?! Grab one!

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Minute Maid Pulpy Juice Drink!