Friday, July 16, 2010

Bad day - learn from it

Everybody had a bad day or is destined to have one. It's just a matter of when. I had my fair share as well. I could remember a really bummer back when I was working.

I was aiming to complete all the incentives for that particular month. Quality scores and attendance were all greens. For me to qualify and win the incentives for the month, I must garner an average score of 97%, have complete attendance of 20 working days and have no record for the said number of days. All that was remaining was my last day, a candidate for tardiness. I have never been late for work. NEVER. Well, as they say, "there's always a first for everything," and I had mine at the wrong time.

The last day of the month was pretty normal. Normal weather. All I had to do was wake up. I did wake up, in a bad way. By some unknown reason, my tummy feels like it upside town. Just before I could reach the sink, I throw up. I head back to sleep but it takes me about an hour before
I could fall asleep. Next thing I know is that my room mate is yelling and asking if I have work today. I flew from the bed, got the towel a change of clothes and headed to the bathroom in a snap or two, literally.

Well, even If I was fast as the Flash, I'm still late. What's done is done. So, I fell from the qualified list and lost some bucks. What could have I done wrong to deserve this? Sometimes we don't realize that bad things are simply bound to happen. Really bad days are yet to come. In our desperation to perform at do our best, we sometimes forget that these circumstances are ought to happen. All we can do is be prepared to face them. We cannot ditch problems or in this case a situation. All we can do is adapt to the current situation we are in.

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