Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oxis - Oxidative Stress Technology

Most of the time, we forget how to properly take care of your bodies. Everyday work, deadline rushes, exam crams and many more. All of these contribute to the  overall stress and weakening of our bodies.

OXIS International is paving the way to advance the the standard in therapeutic nutraceutical products, cosmeceutical products, proprietary formulations and clinical products. One of their main concerns is how to prevent the increase of age-related disorders currently dominant and evidently increasing in the US today. These range from Brain health, Disease immunization, Detoxification and blood sugar regularization.

Anti-oxidants, like glutathione help a lot in how our body
combats the stress levels we endure. Anti-oxidants combat reactions caused by oxidations and free radicals which in turn damage or destroy cells which is the  common pathway for cancer, aging, and a variety of diseases Ergothioneineis knows as a super anti-oxidant. OXIS takes advantage of Ergothioneine which is naturally occuring in most various mushroom, grapes, meats and dairy products. Taking it one step further and utilizing it's full potential in improving our health.

OXIS is Building a new strong team of Executive Management, Board of Directors, and Scientific Advisory Board, raising new capital to fund its new strategy, and increasing the equity value and liquidity of its common stock and regaining Bulletin Board trading status. On that note, the company is also welcoming investors open for penny stocks.

Due to their patented(12 key patents and 7 patents pending) synthetic manufacturing process, OXIS remains a worldwide leader and the only prominent commercial source of pure l-ergothionein.

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