Saturday, September 11, 2010

Being a real friend

Everybody, if not almost all of us want friends right? So, what's the usual criteria? Usually, we look for friends who have the same interest, who respect who we are and who will not force their ideas on us. Someone to share a latte with. Someone to go to the arcades. That's generally speaking.

If we head to the specifics, this little blog post will start to look like a novel. I went on my old trusty buddy, Google and typed in, criteria of a friend. Funny and awkward at the same time right? Me Google on a criteria of a basic part of life? Funny indeed, but there is yet a plain explanation for this. We want to
find out what people usually think.

Basically, human beings look for companions who will make them feel at easy, happy and laugh. We want to be accepted in a tiny circle or maybe a huge circle of friends. Often times, we fail to see how selfish we are. Sometimes we only think of being with a friend because it would benefit us, me, you, I.
We forget that the world does not revolve around us. There is a saying,
"If we smile, the whole world smiles with us. If we cry, we're on our own."
But that's why we have friends. To keep us happy when we're happy and to keep us strong when we're down. Yes, that's one basic point. But have we realized that it should not be so important how happy our friends make us? Are we so engorged in our self made ideas that the world around us should keep us happy? Have we forgotten lessons in life like,
"You life is not measured on how long you lived, it's measured on how many people have you made happy and made a difference in their life."
Yes, our friends were there when we were down, but were we there when they needed us? When they were at a loss and in agony, when pain was for them to bear, where were we? Were we just "too busy" with our happy live that we have forgotten about them? Or do we just remember them when we need them?

Most of the sites mention what an ideal friend is. Instead of thinking, "a friend should be like this, a friend should be like that...", Shouldn't we thinking on how we should be as a friend? Shouldn't we be thinking on how we could help improve the lives of our friends and not lead them to ruin?

If you want a real friend, Be one first!

Your thoughts are much appreciated!
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