Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We've previously discussed individual topics on Search engine optimizations and Social Media Marketing. But, have we seen the latent potential
when we combine them?

The recent years has provided a boom in the social voting and networking sites. This not only includes Friendster, Facebook, and Twitter but as well as del.icio.us, Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit. But hold your horses! These marketing strategies have the pros and cons as well.

Do note that if a social media campaign does not end up with a lot of external links which help with search engine rankings, the end result can be criticism. Complaints about social media marketing such as “none of the links point to the homepage”, “the traffic is worthless”, or “it’s just the flavor of the month” are tremendously overshadowed and cast aside by some new developments in the major search engines. So, how do you take advantage of all the pros of this marketing wonder?

If you must know, social media marketing apparently has a growing effect on search engine rankings through the use of social voting systems. Search engines also use them to determine which are quality sites and which are not.

Being a full time student, part-time blogger, part-time web developer, it's hard to juggle the very limited time I have. Although I see numerous opportunities on how to further hone my skills on those fields, I grab them. Once, opportunity presented itself as Seminar for Bloggers and would-be-bloggers alike. Sadly, I wasn't able to attend the said event due to the hectic schedule I have.

So, I was thinking, why on earth would they not make a webinar? Now, what's a webinar? A webinar is short for Web-based seminar, it is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar transmitted over the Internet. Fortunately, I found a Search Engine and Social Marketing webinar. The upcoming webinar boasts a Sales Tactics Using Search Engine and Social Media Marketing workshop. You can find more information about the workshop on the event's Search Profile Index.
Did you know that in the indexing world, Humans index sites they like faster than search engines' bot does? Well, now you know. That's the basic principle why social media voting sites are one of the basis search engines use for your site's credibility.

The growing link between blogging, social media promotion and search engine rankings is starting to get more imminent. This advancement is a true advantage to better our businesses.
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