Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last year, I was looking for a new phone, preferably a smart touch phone with wi-fi, hi-res camera, HD video, good battery life and has a good online support just in case I encountered problems. I heard of an iPhone 4 upcoming launch here in the Philippines. But I could no longer wait. So I bought a regular smart touch phone. Oh, regrets.

Yes, I know, it's such a shame that I couldn't wait right? So what did I miss with the iPhone 4? Here they are:

The Glass. Oh yes, the all so important glass which encases the Apple's breakthrough technology. They have confidently announced that they used the same type of glass which helicopters and high-speed trains use for their windshield. And with today's environmental trend, the glass is also recyclable. Way to go Apple!

They've also boasted that iPhone 4's LCD display has the highest resolution for a phone screen yet. It's so crisp that the naked human eye won't be able to distinguish individual pixels. Fortunately I have 20-20 vision, so, I just checked as hard as I could if I could distinguish my smart touch phone's individual pixels, and, fortunately, I was able to see the tiny little pixels. Letting me know that what iPhone 4's LCD screen presents is astounding.

Next, the Stainless Steel Band they have claimed to have been created from their own alloy (yes, and unbelievably, Apple makes their own alloys!). This is the secret to the phone's impressive structural rigidity while keeping in mind how thin the iPhone 4 is. And yes, there's more, it also functions as the phone's antennas.

The Brain. The iPhone 4 has an astounding A4 chip designed by Apple engineers themselves. Even with it's power, it's still energy efficient. It helps with the phones ability to perform multi-tasking, video editing and placing FaceTime calls. Talk about two birds with one stone! Wait, thats more than two birds!

And let's not forget how good iPhones are with games. And guess what, they made it even better! The iPhone 4 includes a built-in three-axis gyroscope. In short, it detects forward, sideward and upward motion as well as detect your acceleration! Now, how cool is that!

Two mics are better than one. Did you know that most phones have only one microphone? And you've guessed it! The iPhone 4 has two! The main mic which is for phone calls, voice commands and memos. The second mic on the other hand is built in the top, near the headphone jack. The purpose behind having a double microphone system is it helps surpress unwanted and
distracting bacground sounds, making every conversation a clear one.

The dynamic multi-touch. Most of the touch phones out there have what we call a "mono-touch". Which means that the phone has no software to comprehend or utilize multi touches at the same time on different locations. On the other hand, iPhone 4's multi-touch display is a very innovative software which allows you to control everything from pinch to zooms to two-finger taps.

Although only Globe has exclusive rights in the Philippines, so what? What I've seen here makes me quite envious. Wait, scratch that, not "quite" envious but VERY envious to anyone who have bought this beauty. And to mention that there are already a number of lucky users who have already availed of their very own iPhone 4!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab one! Don't let yourself regret not having one of these!
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