Sunday, July 25, 2010

Talent - Born or Made?

Talent. Some say we have it right after our conception in mother's womb,  waiting to e awakened upon our birth. Others believe that people can learn any talent as long as they strive and work to obtain it.

In a scientific sense, scientists and geneticists research that the one responsible for talent are our genetic donors, in short, our parents. Naturally by design, genes are passed to us from our parents. And those are said to include talents from both of them. Talents are not the one only to be transferred, this includes basic facial structure, eye color, hair color, gender and many others. This is
where we find geniuses and child prodigies in music, arts, and technology.

We know a lot of people like this. To name a few, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Pablo Picasso, and recently this century, Michael Jackson, Sergey Karjakin, and many more. From a very young age, these personalities achieve something that usual people achieve in their college years, for example, William James Sidis, who was accepted to Harvard University at the age of 11. Talk about, wow!

Then, there are those who have to 'awaken' they're inner talents. We know even people around us who have this what they call latent talent. Children who were sent to advanced tutorials like Kumon or sent to summer music and art classes. These kids emerge as very talented students and mostly excel amongs the class.

However talent was acquired, it still requires a bit of follow up. The fact is that even though there were born geniuses, they were still taught by their parents early on. Just like an engine, you can't maximize it's potential if you only let it work by itself, it should be first guided and maintained to keep it working at it's peak. Same goes for those who have latent talent's, it should be provided with a stimuli to work, it should be aroused to created interest for the child.

Wether our talents are born or made. We should always strive to seek where we're good at. Where our expertise is. It's actually there. It's just a matter of finding it.

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