Thursday, July 22, 2010

Urgency - Is it all we need?

Urgency. It's an everyday thing. We just don't notice it that much. Let's first define urgency. According to wikipedia: 

an urgent situation calling for prompt action;
Sometimes we call it as ASAP(as soon as possible), for students like me during exams, we call it crams. And the most common is this very familiar phrase, "I'm going to be late!" Hmmm, I feel little grins from you guilty guys. Well, look who's talking!

Kidding aside, almost all of us have urgent stuff that we need to attend to. For example, deadline of all sorts: assignment deadlines, project deadlines, thesis deadlines, report deadlines, and what ever deadlines exist. Let's cite a real life example, which is happening this very moment. Our natural resources, it's not unlimited. It'll very SOON run out. That's inevitable. For the past couple of days, a city in the Philippines, Metro Manila has been experiencing a lot of water shortages. Who's to blame? Weather. Climate. El Nino.

Most of the time, we humans forget how to conserve, how to save and stop thinking about not just ourselves, but people around us
and the next generation. So what does this have to do with urgency? Remember how more than a decade ago that scientists discovered a "hole" in the atmosphere? People wouldn't believe it for years, but as we later on experienced the side effects we instantly understood what is happening. It was only for the past few years that car manufacturers, fridge companies and factories, turned to become "green". Well, not all of them(better than nothing).

It's the only time they started acting on the problem. It goes the same when the big oil companies discovered that oil will eventually run out. That's the only time they started to research on alternative sources, like ethanol, hydrogen, and research more and funded more on renewable sources like wind, solar, wave power and others.

The cause? Urgency. Do we really have to think this way? Only act if something drastic and bad is about to happen? Shouldn't we be preventing bad things from happening?

Because of the shortages in stock of oil, the big companies started researching more on renewable sources and developing them as an alternative. New innovations are being maid, new ideas are being entertained. New inventions to make people's lives better.

You see, most human beings have a slow realization delay, we don't notice things until it's either in front of us or it's too late.

Urgency can even be seen in school, in college students. As I've said before, we call it crams or cramming. Students usually are what we call 'happy-go-lucky' until there's an announcement of a quiz or several days before the exams. A simple solution would be to always take notes during classes and read those notes when we get home. This may seem hard and redundant, but believe, me, been there, reading notes helps a lot. It's hard at first, but once you get used to it, it's like chewing bubble gum.

So, is urgency what we need to become productive? I don't think so.  A simple but difficult solution would be to be always ready and plan ahead. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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