Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bullies - blessings in disguise

The lot of us had our own experiences with bullies. Big, frightening, intimidating, unreasonable, obnoxious, and yes, we hated them. But did we realize that they are blessings in diguise? Nuts? Nope, I'm serious. I knew a close friend of mine who was bullied all his elementary and highschool life. At his senior years, he was all used to it, he was even able to retaliate against a bully in their class.

When he finished his college degree and started working in a big company, he encountered a familiar group of people. Bullies. Even with their age and profession, bullies were still present. Although they are not the same on how they would ploy
their actions, the agenda is still the same. Strike fear and intimidation to what they think are weak at heart.

In actuality, psychologist have explained that bullies are the ones who were really 'scared.' Most of them have issues. Usually, the cause of their bullying root back to their homes. Someone in their household  abuse them; parents, foster parents, relatives, or even neighbors. The explanation behind this is that, for them to somehow fulfill themselves and in a way, alleviate their pain, they hurt others instead. It's their defense mechanism. They have skeletons in their closets they don't want to be revealed. Weaknesses they hide, because once found, it'll spell the end of their regime, so to speak.

Now, getting back to the blessings part. Why are they blessings? Let's get back to what my friend has to say. He said that being bullied in his younger years, was a bad experience, until he landed a job. "People in the workplace are random, their different species, it's a jungle out here. I've seen the bully types, but they're much different from those at school, I call them 'power freaks'. Megalomaniacs." He said that being exposed to bullies when he was young was a big help. It taught him how to handle pressure and stress from them.

Take for example the movie 'Karate Kid', without the bully kid, do you think Dre(protagonist) would learn martial arts? Would you think it would teach him how to be brave and fight for his rights? Lesson learned: don't fear them, pity them instead. In actuality, they indirectly make you stronger not physically but emotionally and prepare us for what worse(hopefully not) is to come.

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