Saturday, August 7, 2010

I have previously discussed in my previous post the difference between Google PR and Alexa Rankings as well as it's importance in promoting and letting the web world about the existence of your site. For this post, I'll discuss how you could increase your visitors, followers and readers.

When I started my blog last July 1st, my Alexa ranking was about 25 million-ish. My Alexa ranking for the blog's first month(August 1st) soared to 3,466,553. So, how is there a magic trick? No, it's pure work. As one of the seasoned bloggers I knew told me that the secret to a blog's success is 'hard work'. Pretty vague, but it's all true, every single bit of it.

Here's my definition of hard work when it comes to blogging:

1. Don't just post anything. Post something worth reading. Put your heart
into it. Don't just post because you need to post. Post useful information that you think will give them the edge for a certain topic.

2. Be original. Remember that your content must be original. Made by you yourself. People seem to sense that it's you who made it. It's got a certain feel to it, it's your signature. Don't plagiarize! If you use something or quote something, mention the author or put a link.

3. Truth. Also make sure that your post contents are true and factual. Check your sources, re-check, cross-check. It's not a good thing when people see that your information is inaccurate or made up. This is a big no-no.

4. Maintenance. Always update your blog. When I say 'always' this means make 3 post per week at the very least. This will make sure that your readers will keep coming back to your site.

5. Reply. Reply. Reply. Whatever happens, how short their comment on your post or how angry they are with the topic. Talk to them. This not only helps you build your community, it creates a relationship with your readers. Comments are also a way to let search engines know that your site is alive.

Now, how on earth was I able to go from an Alexa rank of 23 million to a whoopin' 3 million in just a month? Here's a simple technique: register to sites which help promote your site in exchange of viewing other members sites and making review for you as well. Here are some that you might want to join:

Link Referral
    Link Referral is a review site where you could visit sites in exchange for reviews and visitors to your sites as well. The more you become active, the more you raise through the ranks and the more site visits your receive.

   It has the same aspect with Link Referral, but wait. Apsense sends you solo email ads. These ads are worth $.05 each! Their minimum payout is $50.

   Here's a good site is the most fair out of all. If you visit a site for them, they refer your site to another user and thus an equal trade of visitors.

I've tried and tested these sites, and so far, they worth the effort. When using these sites to their full potential, you'll see the big difference in your Alexa rank. And oh, I've observed that Alexa rankings update every 6 in the morning in my time zone which is +8:00 GMT.

Another nice way is to be active in blog communities with which are enable with Do-Follow. Here a site which provides a list of do-follow enabled blogs: Do-follow enabled blogs help you build your blog's backlinks. Backlinks help improve your Google PR. And do-follow blogs increase you backlinks. Don't worry, next time, I'll discuss more about backlinks and do-follow blogs.

So, those are the basics. Next time, we'll delve deeper into these topics. Hope the article was of help to you! Stay tuned!

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Jakes 8/7/10, 9:53 PM
Nice tips.. My blog have been 1 month old.. And now I have an alexa rank 996,509.. Interacting with a lot of bloggers helped me :-)

digiknowzone 8/7/10, 10:11 PM
@jakes: Wow, congratulations on that! Any luck on your Google PR? Mine's still on the 0/10, though I think Google hasn't posted an update on their PR list yet.

saikrishna 8/8/10, 11:03 AM
Nice Info And Useful Tips Friend...Try To Use ComLuv For Ur Blog To Enable DO-Follow
It May Help U A Lot..! Try To Get Visitors From US,Cananda & Uk Since It Increase Ur Site Rank So Fast And Also Ur Ads Revenue..Have A Try

saikrishna 8/8/10, 11:09 AM
I Had Joined Apsense Under You Friend..!

Jakes 8/8/10, 1:27 PM
Nope... Am still at 0/10..:-(

digiknowzone 8/8/10, 6:09 PM
@sakrishna: Thanks for the compliment! Thanks for the very useful tips again and goodluck in apsense!

@Jakes: Well, I'm sure that your Google PR will grow in the next PR update. I overheard that the next update would still be on September. So, that means we have more time to build up our site for the update right? Keep it up Jake!

Sandipan 8/11/10, 12:30 AM
Nice article...very helpful for bloggers...

Hey place my link in your blog and i will do the same, reply me in my blog when you have done so.

digiknowzone 8/11/10, 6:15 AM
@sandipan: Thanks for your comment! I'll let you know when I've added you. Nice techblog you have there! Keep it up!

Nasif 8/12/10, 11:54 PM
Within three months I got a page rank of two but eight months has gone with no increase in page rank :(

digiknowzone 8/13/10, 6:13 AM
@nasif: Don't worry, I've hear that Google PR has not yet updated, as what I've read and heard, Google PR should do so this coming September since they did not post an update last July. So, there still time to build up our links. And I think there's a link between google's last search engine crawl and alexa's last ranking update, which both 'coincidentally' fell on August 6. Anyways, thanks for stopping by! Feel free to visit again! I'm sure you'll find something of use here!

Angela 8/13/10, 2:48 PM
This has been a very significant blog indeed. I've acquired a lot of helpful information from your article. Thank you for sharing such relevant topic with us.

digiknowzone 8/13/10, 3:55 PM
@angela: Your welcome and it's good to hear that the information that we provide is quite helpful to you. Feel free to subscribe so that you'll be kept updated and visit any time soon!

And hey, nice site you have there. Although I'm not of the party people type, great job on your site!

Sheila 8/20/10, 11:54 AM
What an awesome blog! You've taught me significant information from this article. I appreciate you for taking the effort to extend this topic so comprehensively. I look forward to learning more on your upcoming posts. Thanks.

digiknowzone 8/20/10, 1:13 PM
@Sheila: It's a pleasure! It's a great reward for me to know that my posts are helping other people improve their site or blogs.

If you have any question or request on any of the topics, feel free to post a comment here. See ya around!

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