Friday, August 6, 2010

Rest - a necessity

Most of us(me included) forget a very important part of our lives. Rest. It can either be a brief pause to relax, a break, a short power nap, and the most common among us would be sleep.

Rest is not only a very important aspect of mental health but an important aspect to your physical health as well. Simply doing nothing allows your mind and body to relax. When an individual is in this state, he/she is free to meditate, recharge and appreciate the world around them that we usually ignore due to our hectic lives, or so we think.

The Problem

It has been a common scene that people have to travel to and from work or school for an average an hour. And include this to the fact that working hours have increased as well as the time spent in school. This leaves the amount of time idle to a minimum.

The world has been a much busier place if you would compare it's
state of about half decade ago. The usual travel to the meadows or to a green village with the family is replaced by cars, pollution, traffic jams and road rage.

Before the age of sleeping pills and and antibiotics, the common advice that we get when we are ill from the doctor would be rest. A whole lot of it. Health benefits for ill people who rest are very apparent. But what about for those who are not ill? We would usually say, "I'm perfectly fine! I even work up to 3 in the morning!" What we don't realize here is that we need rest!

Sometimes we make excuses of going out for the weekend and enjoy it, a weekend full of activities like going to the beach, volleyball or swimming. What we don't realize is that these activities are almost as tiring as work or the activities at school.

The Solution

What we need to do is take a time off. Instead of going to the beach to play volleyball or frisbee, just sit and relax and watch the sunset. Free your mind. Or string a hammock and take a siesta.

This has been a long and great week for me. And as the weekend is fast approaching, I give you a friendly piece of advice, rest. Happy weekend everyone!

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Anonymous 8/6/10, 5:41 PM
what a friendly advice.your followers well surely appreciate this so ka rin ha.Too much work and not play makes the world go dull,tama b ako?

digiknowzone 8/6/10, 6:11 PM
@anonymous: Thanks! That's why we have weekends. Happy weekend to you!

Melinda 8/6/10, 10:31 PM
Beautifully said. I would like to take off to that place in the photo! I'm trying to get better about taking some rest time. Have a great weekend!

digiknowzone 8/7/10, 6:24 PM
@Melinda: Get well soon!^^

commercial truck insurance 8/12/10, 5:50 PM
We people often abuse ourselves with so much work and other outdoor activities that we forget to take a pause and rest even for awhile. You have a very good point that we should take a rest once in a while to be relaxed physically and mentally. Thanks for a great post!

digiknowzone 8/12/10, 5:56 PM
@commercial truck insurance: No problem! Im happy that I was able to be of making people realize. Thanks for stopping by! And feel free to visit again!

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