Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What if you could stop time?

I saw a movie where he was imagining what he would do if he could stop time. He was thinking that if he could stop time, he could draw the things around him usually ignored in great detail and appreciate it more.

What if you could stop time? What would you do? Here's something much better, what if you could stop time and roam around and adjust stuff? And with the snap of a finger, or with the crunch of your knuckles, we can restore the flow of time.

I know what your thinking, "why on earth would we just settle our selves on stopping time? Why don't we go back through time and change it?" We'll get to that in just a few

If you could spend more time with a loved one during a wonderful sunset, it's a very nice thought if you could only stop time, you could appreciate the magical moment more, feel it more and engrave it to your memories.

Some would say, "I'll stop people from dying, I'll stop people from being hurt". This are all nice words, but they simply couldn't happen.
Here's the reality: We can't stop time, what we can do is savor the moment. There's no saving account or a credit card for time. Once it has passed, you can never go back to that moment.

Here's where time travel kicks in. This was a great dream for me, If I were able to go back to time, I could make the world much better, but later on, something really complicated struck me: 1: I can't time travel, 2: Even if I can, I should keep myself hidden from the eyes of the people, because going back to time and making alteration with have great reprimands. It's like a humongous domino effect on steroids.

I small change in history could make an insane change to the present and the future. I was thinking that I could go back to the past, I will persuade Pythagoras to take on his other fields instead of studying math! But then, someone told me that if Math did not exist, I probably would have not been bored due to tons of tiny information that would make things worse.

Since we can't physically travel through time or make time stop,  A very simple yet equally important aspect that we should see and understand is on how to savor the moment as we have it, as some people say, "we should live in the moment".
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