Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ever found something in your house or in your room that is still working and worth something but you simply don't need anymore? Got tired of seeing it at want to dispose of it? Hold your horses! That item may be worth something! 

Several years ago, I was surfing the net looking for a site where I could easily sell or buy stuff here in the Philippines. Then I stumbled on It somewhat like ebay but made very simple. Here are quick easy steps:

1. Go to
2. Choose the region where you want to search or post an item.
3. Then you can either browse or type in the search bar.

It's that simple! And oh, did I mention that you don't need to register for an account to post an ad? And it's FREE! Yep, you've read it right, it's absolutely free, no strings attached. Once you post your ad, it will be reviewed by the admins for approval, once approved, your ad will be posted for 60 days.

Several days ago, I found a particular item that I really wanted to buy there, although I don't have the cash yet to do so. It's a PlayStation 3. Here's a screen shot of it:

You can find items ranging from cellphones for sale to apartments for rent. I even saw some items like bracelets and curlers to houses and mansions. It doesn't matter what you want to sell or buy, whether it be an item or a service, you can showcase it on!

Minute Maid Pulpy Juice Drink!
Minute Maid Pulpy Juice Drink!